Who we are (Orbiter)

Our Trajectory

Serving our customers well is part of our DNA.

Throughout our history, we have been constantly evolved in offering increasingly, complete and innovative solutions.

Our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our customers is what motivates us to move forward and always seek new challenges.

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We achieved “orbit” focusing on the implementation and maintenance of satellite terminals, since then our expertise has grown more and more.

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We expanded our scope of solutions to support different demands. In 2015 we inaugurated our Repair Lab.

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We implemented the Antenna and the Network Operations Center (NOC – Network Operations Center).

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We launched the Orbiter Stations: turnkey projects. This initiative is mainly focused on offering customized solutions

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We continue to invest in technology – one of our pillars – with the development and implementation of our own system for managing terminals and monitoring maintenance activities.

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